Narendra Chag, Londis, in Eltham, South-east London, is another retailer unhappy with PayPoint to add to my list. He says that just before Christmas British Gas refunded a lot of people and told them they could get the cash back through PP terminals.

He refused three of these and then got a call from PP, ticking him off. He asked PP: “How much is the commission?” and was told 7p. The amounts refunded were between £80-£90.

He further said: “I said how would you like to stand here and get abused if you don’t have the cash for this payback?”

He maintains that he hadn’t seen any letters from PP letting retailers know about the cash back agreement, and he wanted to know who agreed this. If PP agreed, he argues, they should have consulted retailers.

PP spokesman Peter Brooker says: “The refunds that Narendra is referring to are made through our CashOut service and were communicated to retailers through a letter and a bulletin.” (Indeed I’ve seen them; they are very clear).

“CashOut is a well-established service, which has been used millions of times throughout the network. This store has been in the network since 2001 and so I would find it hard to believe that none of the many communications about various CashOut schemes over the past four years or so has got through.”

He adds: “One of the most tangible benefits of CashOut is that it reduces the amount of cash that the retailer needs to bank.”