Ratitlal Sharma, who runs Small Dole post office, near Horsham in West Sussex, reckons that is what happened to the 10 boxes of chocolates missing from his order. He had ordered 13 different boxes and, while the invoice showed only one box not available, only two showed up. When he rang Londis to report the loss he was told that he would only get credit for two outers. He rang me to complain that more than £200 credit was due.

So, armed with his Londis number, his invoice number, and credit note reference, I put it to Londis that he couldn’t be making it all up.

A week later came the response: “We take retailer complaints seriously and work hard to correct errors on orders and deliveries. We have credited the retailer and apologised for the inconvenience.”

So a happy ending for the Sharmas. Not so good for Londis itself. And I have to say, it sounds like one retailer effectively robbing another. Maybe, as Ratitlal suggests, the containers got muddled up. So possibly other retailers just got a bit extra… not worth reporting.