More and more people are shopping online these days and it doesn’t always go well. The statistics about the stuff that goes missing en route or wrong are shocking, so I’d like to say a little word about a company called Qwerkity which, as its name suggests, deals in out-of-the-ordinary, quirky goods.

I placed my order with the company by phone because the website offered that service and I was fed up with pushing buttons and creating new passwords. The scarf I wanted wasn’t in stock until a few days hence, so I ordered it anyway as there was still plenty of time till Christmas. Just before the due date I got a letter telling me there was a further delay and apologising for it. A letter. Through the post! The scarf arrived safely a few days later. I’ve been sharing this story ever since with anyone who will listen. What a great company.

There is a statistic that says that, for every bad shopping experience, customers will share with at least eight others… so I’m suggesting that if you work hard on your online offer, it could pay off. And I hope that people having a good experience will share as well because companies like Qwerkity deserve the kudos.