That campaign I wrote about in our 29 July issue - called Total eclipse of the S*n - which started in the Speke district in Liverpool, has now spread city wide. The campaign, calling on retailers in Liverpool to stop selling The Sun, had received unanimous backing of city councillors by mid-September. Before that about 220 shops had already agreed to stop selling the paper, which Liverpudlians condemned for headlines blaming fans for the Hillsborough disaster which led to the deaths of 96 people. The Sun subsequently apologised, but neglected to make it front page.

A motion put forward at Liverpool Town Hall condemned the paper for printing “blatant lies”.

Dee Baker, who runs Eastern News in the Speke area, rang to ask me whether I had read the latest. I certainly had.

Not everyone was best pleased, though. The Society of Editors said the motion was “stretching towards censorship”.

The campaign has 42,000 members. And given that a widespread boycott of the paper has been in place across Merseyside for more than 25 years, it’s unlikely to stop soon.