Mohammed Rehman, who runs Raney’s Minimarket in Glasgow, is totally ticked off with the competition around him which includes both supermarkets and other independents. For example, he buys milk from Wiseman Dairies, costing him 88p for 2ltrs which he sells at 99p. The nearby competition sells it for 80p and 85p. “We also give out 4ltrs via milk tokens and yet some stores give a loaf of bread free as well. Is this legal?” he asks. He has run his shop since 1976 but it is only 400sq ft and does not have an off licence or any buying power (which can screw special offers from suppliers) and he is struggling.

I’ve always thought that the bogof acronym (buy-one-get-one-free) is inappropriate because that’s the last thing anyone wants to suggest to the consumer. However, for consumers it is anything but off-putting. They see it for what it is, not a ‘bog off’ but a ‘come hither’ and the Office of Fair Trading and the Competition Commission and anyone else in power you can think of is fine with that. Their view is that if it’s good for the consumer, it’s good for the country, and the independents who cannot afford to offer the same, quite frankly, can bog off.

So, sorry Mo, there isn’t anyone willing to legislate on your behalf.