Ah Lanwall, as you know, one of my all-time favourite companies. I have a few new stories and I will bring them to you in time (still no real court cases, but a few pending threats). But this one is of a more practical nature.

Mathan Param, who runs Morgans Local Shop in Bristol, has a Lanwall Infotec IS2315 black and white photocopier, which was working okay up until recently.

He has managed to source toner and paper supplies, but now the machine needs a service. Apparently, Investec the leasing company concerned cannot offer him an alternative service company. I know Lanwall itself offered alternatives at one point, but I am obviously not going to recommend this.

So, does anyone in the Bristol area know a reliable photocopy service company who will not tie Mathan into a contract? Unsurprisingly, he is very contract-shy at the moment.