Sue Hay, who runs Ponswood Stores at St Leonards in East Sussex, has asked me to pass on a welcome tip (although Payzone probably wouldn't agree with the 'welcome' adjective). She had a letter from the company with its new terms and conditions explaining penalties for low transactions.

The contract also mentioned a 'repair charge' of £250 and she couldn't see any small print to explain this. She decided not to sign for the new terms and instead negotiated her own. And they are pretty good.

After a phone call or two to discuss low usage fees (which she taped on her mobile), she managed to get the low transaction fee clause removed.

She was not satisfied with the explanation of the repair charge so she rewrote the contract with her own terms and conditions and sent it recorded delivery. By the way, she had already written once with queries but had had no answer. This time she said 'If I don't hear from you I will assume you accept my conditions'.

Not only did this get a response from the company, but it did accept her terms. And on the £250 'repair charge' term, it was, as I suspected, only if the retailer causes the damage. Sue says the contract does not make this clear, but now she has it in writing on email.

I like her style.