I could almost see the steam coming out of Narinder Kaur’s ears and I could certainly hear the outrage in her voice. She had had a call from E.ON telling her that the supply to her Cross Walk Stores in Stourbridge had been switched over to them by a broker.

First I’ve heard of it, she said, and demanded the name of the broker. They gave her it: 4G Business Consultants. Narinder rang the company and spoke to the managing director, a Mr Khan, saying: “Take me off your database, or I’ll report you to Ofgem.”

The MD said ‘I have no knowledge of your company’ and he denied giving any details to E.ON.

Then she rang her current supplier EDF (which took over her supply when Extra Energy went under last year). “But they brushed it off. I’m on a fixed term for three years with them anyway. I feel as though no one wants to know.”

Well, I was interested. I looked up 4G Business Consultants at Companies House and saw that it was incorporated in March 2016 and has just one director - Murad Khan. I suspected when Narinder said she got through to the boss that it must be a small operation. There are only two online reviews.

What we can’t figure out is how her details got passed around in such a way. She suspects that she must have registered somewhere with someone, and possibly the list got sold (it used to be the Yellow Pages that got mined for names and addresses).

Narinder is also going to email Ofgem and report to Trading Standards.