I’ve had another complaint about rubbish collection company PHS Wastetech, which appears to operate much like utilities companies in that it has a rolling contract which runs in 12-month cycles. It renews your contract from the anniversary date whether you agree to it or not, and requires three months’ notice before the end of the cycle to get out of the contract.

If you try to cancel after the anniversary you will effectively be charged for another year. The company also seems to have clauses in its contracts which allows it to put its prices up.

Last August Vinod Radia, who runs Star Supermarket at Bracknell in Berkshire, entered a contract. He was quoted £34 a month exclusive of Vat. Now the company has added in its extras like landfill levy, bringing the total to £80 a month.

When Vinod rang he said there had also been no collection the previous day (he took a picture to prove it), but the company said the driver had collected and Vinod would now be charged for a further collection.

He also has no copy of the contract and has asked for one, but is getting nowhere. His trading standards officer told him to write, cancelling the contract, and send it by recorded delivery.

This company has been pilloried on the Federation of Small Businesses discussion forum website with numerous rants over poor paper admin, rollover contracts, rising prices and threats of court cases.

I tried to contact Wastetech, but was told no one was available. I quoted an email address that I had (from previous complaints) to the switchboard operator who said it was still good. I have had no acknowledgement.

I advise everyone to keep track of their own dates and keep the paperwork.