PayPoint has been in the news lately for capping commission on some of its products. But the service brought a different sort of problem to Mukesh Patel’s door in London.

He writes: “I have stopped paying out under Simple Payment due to low commission, but mainly due to a lot of abusive customers when the payment either failed as it was not due or they did not have proper, valid ID. On one occasion, a customer was shouting and screaming as we would not pay out.”

He phoned PayPoint and they could hear the customer shouting. Mukesh says that other companies allow their staff to speak to the customer directly to cool the situation, but not in PP’s case.

He adds: “The same customer did the same again a few weeks later, so I phoned the police and the policewoman spoke directly to the claimant to calm him down, but in the end he banged my phone and walked out. The police later came, but he had already gone.”

He phoned PayPoint immediately afterwards to withdraw from Simple Payment.