Costcutter is hoping to bowl retailers over with the launch of its biggest ever advertising campaign fronted by cricketing legend Darren Gough, and a raft of technological improvements. 

A series of new advertisements which feature Gough shopping in his local Costcutter are set to hit screens at the end of this month. 

The 30 second ads will also be supported by promotional leaflets and adverts in the national press.

“This activity not only enhances the position of our brand in the ever competitive symbol group sector, it raises awareness of the deals we have and really drives footfall into store,” Costcutter trading and marketing director Angela Barber said. “This in turn helps our members enhance their sales and profits,” she added.

And Costcutter is hoping to boost retailers’ profits further with the roll-out of two major new technological advances.
Retailers with its in-store media screens will soon be able to use a new facility enabling them to promote local initiatives and sell third party advertising for a fee. 

It is hoped that the scheme will provide retailers with an additional revenue stream, and improve community ties.
The group has also unveiled a new platform on the MyCostcutter retailer website. ‘My Messages’ gives Costcutter’s support centre the ability to communicate directly with stores and suppliers. 

The new facility will be used to pass on time critical information quickly and efficiently from head office to retailers without relying on the postal system.

Costcutter IT Director Kevin Widdrington said the internet would soon be its “number one tool” to communicate with retailers.
“Ours is a fast moving and very competitive industry and so anything that helps us pass information quickly and efficiently to stores in the group will help us stay ahead of the competition,” he said.