Cider maker Sheppy’s has captured summer in a bottle with new Cider its with Elderflower ABV 4%.

This naturally gluten free lightly sparkling Somerset cider (rrp £2.69 per 500ml bottle) combines a light dessert apple cider, with the fragrant overtones of elderflower.  

David Sheppy, Managing Director of Sheppy’s, said: “We were constantly being asked if we could produce a cider with elderflower, so how could we refuse! Like all Sheppy’s ciders, we have remained true to the core ingredient - the apple. All of our ciders are allowed to mature fully to bring out a real depth of flavour. Our new Cider with Elderflower has a subtle infusion of elderflower added to it, and the result is a fantastic combination of rural flavours that really do work beautifully together on the palate.”