Snappy Shopper has reached £5 million sales with Nisa partners, more than doubling sales on the platform since February.

According to Snappy Shoppper, “the partnership with Nisa has gone from strength to strength” and that “rather than focusing on growing store numbers, it has invested in marketing and promotional spend to support retailers to ensure stores reach their full sales potential as quickly as possible”.

The businesses reported an average basket spend of £28 in Nisa stores through Snappy Shopper.

Nisa retailer Daniall Nadeem of Nisa Bellshill, said: “We are currently running between 40-50 deliveries a day.

“Around 20% of customers who shop with us in store, also shop with us on Snappy Shopper. The remaining 80% are fully delivered. So, I would say Snappy Shopper is doing its job well, it is getting our store and our products out further than would normally be possible. From the beginning, Snappy have been fantastic in the support they have provided and the retailer feedback that they take on.”

CEO and co-founder of the Snappy Group Mike Callachan said: “It’s great to see how our technology has helped Nisa retailers achieve such strong sales growth, with the £5m sales mark a real milestone. We’ve been working closely with Nisa and the positive feedback we’ve had from partners to date is testament to both teams’ hard work. We’re proud to be supporting local retailers compete in the rapidly expanding home delivery market.”

Head of central operations at Nisa James Taylor added: “We know that delivered services is becoming an increasingly important proposition within convenience retail, so it’s pleasing to see such strong sales growth for our partners using the Snappy Shopper app. We hope to see more success stories in 2022, and any partner wishing to take up the app will benefit from the unique onboarding, launch and sales ramp up process we work hand in hand with the team at Snappy Shopper on.”

Since January, Snappy Shopper has almost doubled the overall number of retail partners, growing from 650 to more than 1100 stores.