Lovely Drinks has launched two brand new all-natural colas; Original Cola and Sour Cherry Cola.

The southwest-based independent artisan producer of soft drinks has applied its traditional principles to a drink that’s renowned for its nasties.

The Original Cola is a natural twist on the classic soda made with lime juice, burnt sugar and hand-blended botanicals and the Sour Cherry Cola is a natural fruity soda made with whole pressed sour cherries and hand-blended botanicals.

Co-founder Rick Freeman said: “Customers have been asking for years for us to make colas. The two we’ve come up with are based on an original cola recipe that was found years ago and are made by hand from real botanicals. There’s lemon juice, vanilla and cinnamon in there. The colourings and flavours are all natural and there’s no caffeine in either of the products.”

Each 275ml bottle has a recommended retail price of £2.10-£2.40.