One Stop is to introduce a 5p carrier bag charge throughout its English company-owned and franchise store estate, in a bid to avoid confusing shoppers.

The government’s 5p charge for single use carrier bags will be implemented on 5 October, but only for stores with more than 250 employees, which would have effectively exempted all of One Stop’s franchise stores.

However, in a move to avoid confusion, One Stop is introducing the charge in all of its stores.

Stores will receive a point of sale kit this week, containing a window poster and community board notice. Till crowners will be included in the next promotional package.

Andrew King, One Stop’s franchise director, said: “We want to do everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment and to help our customers recycle and re-use their bags. Stores and their local communities will also decide which local causes will benefit from the money raised from the bag charge, which will reinforce the great work One Stop already does on a local level.”