The Nisa Members Association (NMA) says it has no intention of disbanding despite winning representation on Nisa-Today's board of directors.
Treasurer Ian Hunt told C-Store that the NMA is soon to announce a date and venue for a special meeting where its existing committee will stand down for re-election and accept new committee members. It is also organising an informal meeting with Nisa bosses to discuss ways of taking the group forward.
The NMA said it was confident that it had a major role to play in 2007 by acting as a 'critical friend' to the board. In a statement it said: "We strongly believe that in 2007 the board and the NMA can establish ways of working together effectively and take advantage of the established network and lines of communication within the NMA organisation.
"We are reassured that the board shares our goals of better corporate governance, lower cost prices, efficient cost effective management, open recruitment and the creation of new alliances. We look forward to the directors implementing measures to achieve these goals and will support them throughout the process of change."
NMA members Krishan Joshi, Rowan Black and Jorinder Singh were appointed to the Nisa board at the end of November 2006. An Extraordinary General Meeting in February will create three extra places on the board, one of which will be filled by a fourth NMA member, Anjum Khan.
It is thought a new rule on board nominations being introduced at least 30 days in advance of an AGM will be introduced at the meeting, in order to avoid a repeat of the chaotic scenes and late member nominations and withdrawals seen before last November's AGM.