The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) has urged the Energy and Climate Change Committee to include small businesses within its remit.

In a written submission to the Energy Committee, the ACS called for business customers to be offered the same protection that domestic customers are.

Areas that the ACS focused on in its submission included barriers to switching suppliers and back billing. Currently, business customers can be charged for errors made up to six years previously, resulting in massive bills. Businesses are also limited when it comes to switching suppliers, with numerous objections available to prevent changing energy suppliers.

“Everyone understands the plight of vulnerable domestic consumers, but for too long, energy companies have been able to get away with similar and often worse practices against non-domestic customers,” said ACS chief executive James Lowman. “In our submission we have explained why the mistreatment of business customers has a damaging impact on growth, jobs and consumers.”

Lowman also called on MPs to get involved to help small businesses. “MPs can do a lot to support small businesses by ensuring the practices of energy companies are fully scrutinised in this Committee inquiry,” he added.

The full ACS submission can be found here.

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