The August bank holidays could provide a boost to c-stores’ sales, according to new research from HIM Research & Consulting.

The firm interviewed 1,000 adults about their bank holiday habits and found that one in five said that they spend more on food and drink over the weekend, while 39% of shoppers are likely to attend a get-together with family or friends.

The types of product named as most likely to be bought from c-stores in higher quantities are alcohol (40%), BBQ food (32%), snacks (31%) and soft drinks (30%). Uptrading is likely, with 23% intending to buy more premium or expensive food and drink products, with 36% consuming more alcohol, according to the research.

“One-in-five also said they are likely to buy higher quantities of desserts, chocolate, ice-cream or cakes,” points out HIM communications director Katie Littler. “It follows that one-in-two UK adults (49%) say they’re more likely to ‘treat themselves’ over the bank holiday weekend, and a third say they worry less about healthy options.”

There are also regional variations in bank holiday spending patterns, added Littler. “One-in-three London shoppers expect to spend more for the bank holiday weekend, compared to just 14% in Scotland – retailers and suppliers should prioritise accordingly,” she explained.