Retailers are advised to keep an eye out for the new look CitizenCard, which
boasts its most advanced security features to date, making it much harder to

The new card retains the Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) hologram but a
customised holographic overlay has been placed across the front of the card,
and two ultraviolet marks have also been added.

Existing cardholders are now being contacted and advised to upgrade to the
new card for the heavily discounted cost of £6 (against the standard card
cost of £15). 

CitizenCard's chief executive officer Andrew Chevis said the new card should
remove all doubt about whether a cardholder was really over 18.

“The verification checks we carry out before a card is issued are extremely
rigorous - 14% of applicants do not receive a card. The clear message to
those checking ID is that CitizenCard is 100% proof.