Kerry Foods Direct To Store (KFDTS) is helping retailers adapt to the economic situation with a new initiative to save them money and increase consumer spending.

The chilled products distributor is shelling out £3.8m on a new Smashing Prices scheme which comprises a competitive pricing strategy and a re-branded Essential range from which retailers can buy more than 150 lines in singles.

More than 50 lines will also be available to buy directly from vans on the day.

The company claims that this, coupled with Kerry's policy of sale on return on selected items, would mean that the new initiative would ensure wastage for retailers was kept to a minimum.

KFDTS managing director Michael Bassett said the Smashing Prices initiative represented a "fundamental shift" for the company. "One of the vital strands is our ability to sell in 'ones', which none of our competitors is able to do and yet which makes it so much easier for store managers to stock their shelves with the right products," he said.

"Our logo actually sums things up perfectly: 'what, where, and when you want it.'

"We firmly believe that no distributor can match us for the service we provide together with the prices we offer. It's a winning combination."