Jayesh Patel rang from Classic News in Northampton. He had received a flyer from CJ Solutions offering to put doors on his cigarette gantry for £200 + Vat. “Then they rang me the next day and asked for payment upfront to guarantee my slot. He wanted the whole amount and he wanted my credit card details. He knew my name and the size of the gantry.”

But Jayesh read the fine print and the flyer said if the measurements are wrong, it’s his fault. As it is an Imperial Tobacco gantry and it is being replaced free, Jayesh was not tempted by CJ Solutions (but he wonders how they knew the size when he didn’t know it himself).

The stakes for making sure you follow all the rules under the tobacco display ban are high. You could be facing a prison sentence, or fine if you breach the legislation.

The ACS has all the info on its website, www.acs.org.uk, if you are going DIY.

Welcome to the future.