It reflects on the retailer when the hole-in-the-wall machine gets a bad rep for being out of action… again. And, in Thiyagalingam (Jay) Jeyakantham’s case, again and again. The NoteMachine installed at his store, Monks Newsagent, Manchester, in August last year had broken down five times when Jay first got in touch. It seemed always to be the same problem: the dispensing side breaks down after it has been filled with cash. He says NoteMachine won’t let him switch it off because it can still display balances, and it sometimes takes two days before it is fixed. On the day he rang me 15-20 people had been unable to get their money out. He reckoned he lost about £240 commission in February.

He says the customers get upset with him and he has to explain every time that it is not his machine.

I contacted the company and marketing and branding manager Zoe Morris replied: “In response to your email our Customer Relations department are dealing with the ongoing problems, and have been liaising with the site about the issues. We are more than happy to continue to discuss issues regarding the cash machine directly with Mr Thiyagalingam. I am also happy for you to pass on my details, should he have any queries.”

It was good to have a higher-up contact for Jay, but it hasn’t had the required effect. In the first three weeks of March, the machine was out of action for eight days altogether.

He is attempting to untangle the T&Cs to see if there has been breach of contract and whether he is entitled to compensation.