Mansuhk Varu rang from Ministore in Sutton, Surrey, saying he wanted to close his account with confectionery wholesaler Buzz Sweets because he was going to shut his store. He said he believed that he was sold the sweets on a sale-or-return (SOR) basis, but the rep had recently told him differently. I sent an email to the company, which apparently never arrived. So I rang and was told, yes, the stock is supplied on an SOR basis and the rep would be told to inform the retailer on the Monday. 

I assured Mansuhk all was well. No one showed up but, as the rep was due in a few days for his regular visit, we waited. When he did he said he had no authorisation to lift the stock.

I rang the company again and got a different response this time. “In an out-of-date or damaged basis, the stock is SOR.” She observed that Mansuhk should have been running down his stock, to which he retorted he would have if he had known it wasn’t SOR.

He is currently trying to sell the stuff, so if anyone in the Sutton area would be interested, give me call.