People seldom contact the helpline when everything is going well. The following was no exception and is actually a hardship story. Yacub Koya trades in Bolton. Some 16 months ago his London-based mother had a stroke and he found himself more or less commuting to care for her. She died a few months ago. Now Yacub is still making the same trips to care for his 90-year-old father.

Yacub’s wife Saberah can no longer help in the store – she is wheelchair bound. Their family have other jobs and can only help out a little. Business has inevitably gone downhill badly.

They’ve tried to sell the store, but no one seems interested. So they are just going to close it.

They asked Payzone about getting out of their contract, but were told that it doesn’t finish until October 2020 and the penalty for ending it early would be £900.

The question I put to Payzone was: is there any way that Payzone would be prepared to waive this fee in view of these pretty dire circumstances?

Four days later Payzone said they could cancel the contract at any time without penalty.

A spokesperson said: “We were very sorry to hear about Mr Koya’s circumstances. We understand that every retailer and their situation is different, and we recognise the need to look at each resignation on a case by case basis, taking into account factors like the length of the contract and the amount of notice we are given. We wish Mr Koya the best for the future.”