In the 25 August issue I highlighted Prakash Chotai’s stand-off with One Lite e-cigarettes. They weren’t selling, didn’t conform to the new regulations and he was under the impression they were sale or return. Incorrect said the company… they were only SOR for two months (long gone). It said they would only swap the stock if Prakash paid the bill.

It has now been more or less resolved. Prakash says: “I told him you have two choices – give me the goods first or take me to court. I’m not bothered.”

The company didn’t replace, but sent out new labels which followed the new regulations and Prakash paid up. He’s under no illusions, though. “It’s a liquid and after time they lose their flavour and colour.”

A friend suggested that he should try the sale-or-return slant himself. He says: “I’ve got nothing more to lose. You put it down to experience.”