A couple of retailers - Arti Mediratta of Londis Lane End in Bucks and Shelley Goel, who owns two One Stop stores in Birmingham - mentioned to C-Store that they have been told they have been nominated for The English Asian Business Awards, and were wondering whether they were legit.

Shelley told our features editor Sarah Britton that they became very cagey when he asked who had nominated him and they simply said it was a ‘customer’.

The price to attend the awards ceremony was £75 per ticket.

I had a look at the company behind the awards and saw that Oceanic Consulting runs an extensive list of events. These include The Scottish Asian Business Awards, The English Asian Business Awards, The Scottish Curry Awards, The English Curry Awards, The British Muslim Awards, The British Indian Awards “and more”.

I spoke to the Glasgow company, which said the retailer was probably contacted because he was among 10 shortlisted for the convenience category (there are many categories). The English awards are in their fifth year (last year’s convenience winner was high-profile retailer Paul Cheema, Malcolm’s Nisa, Coventry) while the Scottish awards are in their 10th year.

Writing in The Times last October journalist Sathnam Sanghera said he was suffering from Asian awards fatigue. He wrote: “On Monday I received an invitation to the Asian Business Awards. Or it may have been the Asian Awards, or the English Asian Business Awards, the Asian Business Chamber of Commerce Awards, the Black Country Asian Business Awards, the Scottish Asian Business Awards, the Welsh Asian Business Awards, the Yorkshire Asian Business Association Awards or the Asian Media Awards. If I’m confused, it’s because there are so many of the bloody things and they’re increasingly indistinguishable.”

It can only be a good thing if this glittering array of awards raises the bar in the indie sector. However, I would urge you to have a shot at the awards actually specialising in the convenience world: the Convenience Retail Awards.