Sukhninder Ghag, North Road Stores, Tipton, sells a lot of Scratchcards and the rep used to take away the unopened packs. She had six packs left from Nov/Dec, worth £300, but the rep then told her she had to wait for a black bag.

In January she got a black bag for the unopened 2015 games, but nothing for the preceding ones from 2014. Ninder noticed that Camelot had taken those six games off of her summary inventory report so she assumed she would be billed for them shortly, which was why she rang me.

Camelot tells me that the current returns process (ie the black bags) has been in place since 2013. The returns bags for Ninder’s Nov/Dec games would have been sent out in June. Then there are several reminders on the terminal.

“After all those prompts, if the Scratchcards are not returned to us we will charge for them at the end of the closure period (9 February 2015),” said a spokeswoman.

However, Camelot relented and as a one-off goodwill gesture arranged an immediate dispatch of a new returns bag.

Now Ninder will keep a close eye on things. Her main point was that she never received the bag; the rep always took back the unsold.

Camelot told her she would need to sign for the new bag, but the postie just dropped it on the counter!