Sat Gill’s research (in the previous piece) may help Kamaljit Mann, who is lumbered with an Ezeecopy commission contract for passport ID pictures. She has had the machine at her store, SRA News in Birmingham, since 2010. The contract has a clause which says: “The minimum monthly fees payable by the customer to the company will not be less than the rate equivalent to the estimated meter reading for the numbers of photocopies or passport photos subject to the relevant items of equipment being installed.”

This apparently means they can charge her £40-£50 a month, and she is losing money. It didn’t help that a nearby post office regularly rejected the pictures as not sharp enough to pass passport muster.

Since the contract does clearly say that it is a hire agreement regulated by the CCA 1974, I have suggested that she, too, should go to the NFRN legal helpline and ask them to write a letter asking for early settlement.