Kully Kaur rang to say that she had been running Software Solutions' Epos system in her store, Scissett's Supermarket in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, since 2000, paying £46 by direct debit every month for an all-in parts and labour maintenance contract. "I had no problems at all but then the screen went. They told me they don't manufacture that size any more and now they've given me an old-fashioned one with a big tube out the back. Staff have to bend over to see it and customers can't tell what's going through."
She maintained that she was told an upgrade would be £100 + VAT.
When I spoke to the company, the boss John Shay was back to me within 10 minutes. The situation at Kully's store would appear to be merely a case of crossed wires. John said: "They had a 10-inch colour flat screen. We couldn't replace like for like so we put in a 9-inch, the closest size, but she can have a 14-inch colour flat screen and we can send it by courier, or the engineer will install it when he's in the area. There'll be no charge."
When I rang Kully later the same day, she had already heard back from the company.
This is the first call I've ever had about Software Solutions. And in this agony aunt business, no news is good news. Compared to some companies that I hear about on a weekly or monthly basis, Software Solutions look pretty good in terms of both the equipment and customer service stakes.