Every so often you come up against a company that leaves you thinking afterwards, well, that was refreshing. And so it was, appropriately, with Häagen-Dazs, famous for its sexy and, of course, refreshing ice cream.
Francis Colaco, who runs The Paper Shop in Dundee, bought a Häagen-Dazs freezer which came with free cases of ice cream.
Francis asked if he could have the stock in stages which the wholesaler, 3663, agreed to. He had had 16 cases of ice cream but when he went back for his 'refill' 3663 said, nope, too late, the deadline was two years and now it's past.
We won't get into how little ice cream Francis does or does not sell. The point is, he was told that the wholesaler would replenish his supplies when he had space in his cabinet. It got a little unfriendly in that Francis ordered goods from the wholesaler to the tune of £154 (the worth of the remaining stock) and then refused to pay. He wrote to explain his ploy and 3663 threatened to sue.
I spoke to a Häagen-Dazs spokesman who quite happily sorted the whole thing out pronto. He explained that there are three deals on offer - a big upright with 28 free cases, a chest freezer with 11 cases and a counter top with 12. "It normally all works like clockwork, but sometimes the wholesaler loses paperwork," he told me.