Well, not quite jackpot, but a good result for Jean Alcock, Central Stores in Eardisley, Herefordshire. She first got in touch over a year ago about a £5,000 bond Camelot had held on to for three years despite an excellent Experian credit check score. Jean didn’t want me to pursue it at the time because she thought it was a lost cause.

Then last month she sent me an email saying: “Our terminal keeps playing up so reported it by premium telephone as there is nowhere on their site that you can email them. Have told them that it is intermittent, but all they were interested in was telling us that, if it was not playing up when their engineer attended, we would be charged £250. Why? It is their equipment not ours. We already pay for the electric. In four years they have never been out to service the machine.

“Do you know of any way to get them to come out without having to pay? As a charity surely they do not want to lose money and customers because we cannot get the machine to work?”

Tricky things intermittent faults, especially as they were also various. In the week she contacted me she had had to turn it off for half a day, three days running, as it didn’t like the heat.

Long story short, I contacted Camelot and within a few days they fixed the machine at no cost, and gave her back the deposit.

Now that Camelot is reinstating its free retailer helpline, you could call it a hat trick.