Here’s a warning to others from Jagjit Singh at Lifestyle Express, Doncaster, regarding home news delivery. He says he’s going to have to stop stocking the Doncaster Free Press. The paper ran an ‘eight weeks at half price promotion’, similar to one that the Daily Mail ran a while back offering 12 weeks at half price. Same problem both times. “People are just not coming in to pay for it,” says Jagjit.
The Doncaster Free Press guarantees only three weeks’ worth of money back and for every one that defaults it costs Jagjit £8. “We have paperboys’ wages. It’s just not worth doing.”
Clearly, it’s not worth taking the defaulters to the small claims court either. The sums are just too small, even though they collectively add up.
Maybe newspaper publishers should offer these deals only in conjunction with Localink, the new direct debit service which is apparently catching on fast with newsagents and guarantees payment.