When you don’t belong to a symbol group and decide to do up your premises, there is no blueprint, no corporate ID to stamp on it. That means you can do as you like, of course, but there is no real guidance on the new interior. And you could make costly mistakes if you draw up your own plans without consulting anyone else.

Kalpesh Patel trades in the sort-of-upmarket bit of north London’s Islington, between its two main squares, which could be labelled mayor Boris Johnson territory when he’s at home. Kalpesh thinks his store needs brightening up. He is completely unaffiliated and has decided that half of his place looks fine but the other half could use an outside hand.

He says: “I want a layout which will cater properly for the area. I can sell those ginger beer with elderflower-type of products. People are willing to pay for them.”

I was able to put Kalpesh in touch with Team Design/Design-a-Store (01243 822344) which has spent a couple of decades working with the convenience sector. Development executive David Batcock says there’s no better time to make improvements. Of course, he would say that, but it also stands to reason, provided you can find a lender. “If you have collateral it’s the best time to borrow cheap money. The time is right,” asserts David.

Both the subpostmasters’ and newsagents’ federations recommend Team Design, as I have just done, but if anyone else reading this provides good, value-for-money design and shopfitting, please do get in touch. I always like to offer a choice.