And about time too. Still, there are no guarantees. The announcement came as I was writing this column and the story got quite a lot of headlines, not, I suspect, because many sympathised with the plight of the independent but because it concerned the big four that make news whatever they do. 

Some of the media, however, have been downright ill-informed. I have a cutting from Wisbech retailer Carol Scholes, written by well-known Daily Mail columnist Keith Waterhouse.

It is entitled ‘What little shop around what corner?’ and it goes on about days of yore, when cats apparently slept on the bacon slicer and handy corner shops were always shut and Tesco was just starting out with a policy, he imagines, of “piling ’em low and building it up from there”.

I assume he is being ironic on this point because Tesco’s original policy was “Pile it high, sell it cheap”. 

If he wasn’t being ironic then a teensy bit of research would have clued him up. And if he just made it up, no research at all, and gets paid what he gets paid, then crikey, I wish I had his job!