I said that scams come in many flavours. Here's the latest from Kirit Ved (Ved News, Stoke Newington, London). An Asian guy in a white doctor's coat with a name badge saying Dr Khan parks his big silver Merc outside and rushes in.

Kirit's wife is serving and the 'doc' says he is a locum at the local surgery. She used to work there so a bond is made. He piles up the stuff then gets a phone call. Uh-oh, got to run, emergency. Forgot wallet back at the surgery. Can he put it on the cuff? Okay.

Kirit has quite a network of fellow retailers, cash and carry customers and so on, and guess what? Dr Khan has been spotted in Acton, Ealing and Hackney. Opposite ends of London.

and then there was Mr Chubby, a white guy builder (wearing a fluorescent jacket). He pulls the £20 stunt. He only has twenties on him. He pays with one and then claims he only had change back from a tenner and pulls out his roll of twenties to prove it. Wife not so gullible this time and had the change button on the till to prove it. Oops, he says, there it is on the floor. Must've dropped it.

Ved followed him to the betting shop, where he doesn't actually bet. He changes up all his tenners for twenties.

and Rachel Morrison, Pitton PO, wonders if anyone else has had calls from the Rifle Regiment trying to stump up funds for wounded soldiers.

"As we are on the edge of Salisbury Plain we are usually keen to help the wounded," says Rachel, "but he said, 'if it won't make you bankrupt', which sounded quite odd."

Odd indeed. Trading Standards said they used a name not-quite-right and all they wanted was her address to send the literature to. It hasn't turned up. What's going on?