In early December I was contacted by a retailer who wishes to remain anonymous. He has a post office and 500sq ft to play with. He sells greeting cards, small gifts and stationery, but feels he has "come to a crossroads" and needs advice on layout and merchandising and what the retail boffins like to call 'maximising the return on space'.

He has already revamped the store and done quite a lot of research by talking to cash and carries, shopfitters and so on, but really needed someone to take a look around.

Step forward the highly successful Nisa Local retailer Kishor Patel. He is what you might call a busy man Kishor has a string of stores and more than 35 years' experience, is on the boards of ACS direct and Skillsmart Retail, chairman of Nisa Symbol Group Development Committee and a trustee of the Sweet Charity and Making a Difference Locally charities, and was very recently elected to the Nisa-Today's board.

Despite all, he has agreed to visit our retailer's store and will report back. I'll bet there are a lot of post offices out there that could do with some guidance.