Sometimes I think the Post Office has more veils than Salome. Let's try to lift one.

When Richard Lambert got wind that the store up the road was closing, making - he thought - the in-store post office and the Lottery that went with it available to nearby applicants, he set to work. He was promised (all on the phone) application forms, an interview and visits from officials, to assess his suitability. Nothing happened.
Now he has learned that the PO will be going to a Co-op twice as far away as his own premises is from the original site.

Richard, who trades as Queen St Stores at Portsea in Portsmouth, hasn't taken this lying down. He has spoken to Postwatch, has 500 signatures on a petition so far and has written to the Office of Fair Trading.

"At first the OFT was like talking to a brick wall," says Richard, "but then they rang back and went through it all again and then rang a third time to tell me to put it in writing because there might be something there. They say the Post Office should have advertised the availability and that they cannot do a private deal."

Richard has asked me to request some feedback. Has anyone else taken on the Post Office in a similar vein?