Amir Iqbal wrote from Keystore, Glasgow, that recent articles about ATMs had raised concerns. He says: “I have just signed up with Cashzone for five years. The sales rep wrote on the contract no rates charge and also advised me that when the machine is installed to put in my termination notice so I won’t forget nearer the time.

“Is there somebody (maybe NFRN ) who could look into the contract for me?”

I put this to Cashzone and a spokesperson replied: “Mr Iqbal is not alone in his concern around this issue of business rates. In 2013 the VOA - the government agency in charge of calculating business rates - changed the way they applied rates to non-bank ATMs, meaning that a high street retailer with an ATM in the front wall of their shop would have to pay rates on their cash machine, while a bank branch next door would not. It’s understandable that Mr Iqbal, like many others, is worried about this situation.

“As a business, we have been challenging this decision on behalf of our retail customers alongside industry partners and retail organisations. In the meantime, it’s important that we make one thing clear: we stick to what we say in our contracts. We would encourage all retailers to seek legal advice about any contracts they enter into, particularly if they have the opportunity to do so through an industry association. However, in the case of Mr Iqbal, he can be assured that there won’t be any rates charged for his machine, as per his contract.”

There you go: got it in writing. Twice.