But the alarm wasn’t set, so no payout to cover any damage.

Here’s an update on Thiabarajah (Jey) Jeyaseelan’s case that I reported in our 8 March issue. The Retail Mutual refused to cover the cost of a break-in at his Key Stores outlet in Hull. The reason: Jey had not activated his ADT alarm. He thought he stood a chance because the theft took place in under two minutes and would have happened even if the alarm were on.

Jey appealed the decision (which was put to the NFRN board) so he then appealed to the Financial Ombudsman Service. The FOS required a letter from The Retail Mutual giving their final decision, but this was not forthcoming. Retail Mutual wrote again to Jey to explain that they are not actually an insurance company (his cover with them is on a discretionary ‘mutual’ basis), therefore it does not fall under the jurisdiction of the FOS.

So, back to square one. Jey is now pursuing the legal service offered by his membership of the NFRN to tackle the NFRN board’s stance on this and, no, the irony of this situation has not escaped either of us. He is £8-£9K out of pocket over this.