Sara Brierley, practice manager at Ken Batty Chartered Surveyors, wrote to say that readers might like to know that Rates UK Ltd has been liquidated.

The documents show that it is a voluntary winding up by members or creditors. Since Rates UK owed HMRC £220,000 in Vat and corporation tax, it could very well have been the taxman that pulled the plug. Or Rates UK itself. There was only £3,300 available for preferential creditors (which will likely be the liquidator).

Sara adds that if any Convenience Store readers feel they have been caught here and have appeals outstanding she and Ken would be happy to pick up the appeals as a gesture of good will.

Don’t forget the next revaluations will be this April in England, Scotland and Wales. There’s no date set for Northern Ireland. Then all properties are given a new rateable value and multipliers in Scotland are revised. This means, says the official website, that a change in your rateable value doesn’t always mean a change in your bill. To make sure your valuations are accurate, you may need to give the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) or your assessor up-to-date rental evidence for your property at revaluation.

If you think you need professional help, go to Ken and head the cowboys off at the pass.