Research shows that most smokers are very open to trying to cigars and willing to switch given the right factors, and when you consider the higher profit margins they offer, this presents a clear opportunity for savvy retailers.

But, how can you unlock these cigar sales opportunities and increase profits in your store? It’s as easy as following these three simple steps from STG to achieve cigar sales success.

Customer Service – engaging with customers is a great starting point, but which customers are the most profitable and how can you train staff to deliver a great service and increase basket spend at the same time?

Category Management – having the right range for your customers, at the right price is key but do you know what the right range is for your store and what profit margins do they offer?

Community Engagement – encouraging your customers to support local businesses or charities in the area is a great way to bring people together as a community. What initiatives are you involved in, or what plans can you put in place to bring you closer to your community?

To find out the answers to all these questions and how you can successfully grow and enhance your business, and win free stock at the same time, visit and register for