Dedicated Halloween aisles and themed discounts could help retailers take an even bigger bite out of the growing Halloween opportunity, which is expected to top £367m this year, according to new research.

Interviews with 1,000 UK shoppers by retail marketing agency Savvy reveals that just under 60% would like to see dedicated Halloween aisles, while 51% said they would like stores to stock bargain trick or treat bags and 35% said they would like to see special event-related discounts.

Activities handed out in-store for children to do at home is also on the wish list for 32% of Halloween shoppers, while activities such as free face painting appeals to 26%.

Just under 70% of shoppers also said they would look to supermarkets and other retailers for party and event inspiration.

The number of UK shoppers engaging with Halloween celebrations this year is also up, with 46% planning to do so.

Parents are the most likely group to get involved, with 70% of UK parents planning to join in, followed by the 18 to 34-year-old age group.

Buying sweets, chocolate and other treats is the most common way that shoppers will get involved, with 78% doing so, followed by party food at 34%.

Commenting on the research, Alastair Lockhart, insight director at Savvy, said: “Halloween continues to be one of the fastest growing retail events, with sales expected to reach £367m this year.

“More people are celebrating Halloween than ever before, and they are spending more too - not just on sweets for trick or treaters, but increasingly on parties and decorations.

“Rising adult expenditure on food and drinks is a key driver of growth. Retailer winners are likely to be those who can inspire shopper using digital and social channels and then effectively drive people to store to buy.”