News retailers are being put under greater pressure to keep 'lads' mags' out of children's view following a high-impact campaign by parenting website Mumsnet.

According to the site, nine out of 10 parents polled in a survey wanted lads' mags to be banished to the top shelf. Parents also decreed newsagents to be "the worst offenders" for displaying sexually explicit covers where children could see them.

As a result, the site is urging parents to lobby their local newsagents to make changes to the way in which they display magazines, by either "raising them up to the top shelf, behind modesty covers, or by stacking them in such a way that the titles are visible but the images are not". It has also published a pro-forma letter for parents to give to their local retailers.

So far, the Co-operative Group and the big four supermarkets have backed the campaign. The National Federation of Retail Newsagents said it was not able to sign up because of its status as an employers' association representing independent businesses.

It did, however, recommend members adopt a "family-friendly" policy for the display of adult and lads' titles.