This is just food for thought, but I think it is interesting enough to pass on. While reviewing the cartoon-slot story about handling parcels, I had a look on various websites and found some shocking reviews. These were reviews from customers, not retailers… and the consumer is what counts, as a rule.

Out of 836 reviews, myHermes wound up with one star; out of 72 reviews on Trustpilot, Collect+ got two stars. It only takes a few stinkers to bring all the five-star turns to their knees.

Then, in the middle of this, I happened across a story headed ‘A case for reading the small print’ on the BBC News website.
It happened in the United States, but I reckon this could become a growing trend. A woman was reportedly fined $3,500 for writing a negative review about an online retailer. The goods never arrived and PayPal refunded the money but the lady posted a thumbs- down on Ripoff Report.

Three years later an email from the company, KlearGear, demanded that the review be removed within 72 hours, or the reviewer face a fine.
She didn’t pay the fine and the company contacted credit agencies, earning her a black mark.

So, it might look like a free-for-all up there, but watch your backs.