My sometime northern correspondent must henceforth be presented as Dr Glyn Reece because this multi-talented guy who helps out at his wife Judith’s store (Penny’s) in Chester, has gone and got himself a PhD. He is now a doctor of geology and tectonics and writing a book on interesting stuff like diamonds and gold (two of my favourite things: he only needs to add in fine wines and that’s a hat-trick as far as I am concerned).

But meanwhile he has got in touch to redress a balance. Penny’s has PayPoint in-store. And Glyn, sorry, Dr Reece, says he is fed up with retailers moaning about PayPoint not responding properly to mistakes.

A couple of weeks ago, the machine jammed and refused to print a receipt for a mobile top-up (only a tenner but we all know how long it takes to make that up in terms of PayPoint commission). It then refused to reprint or reverse.

The Reeces reported it and, two weeks later, a letter with total refund. So, not so bad, says the Doc. ■