Jac writes: it's a cold call and they want your bank details.

But what if it's legit? Jayesh Patel, who runs Classic News in Northamptonshire, got just such a call from PayZone (Alphrya). Did he want a machine to do top-ups and so on? Well, he might. Jayesh asked if details could be posted so that he could peruse them at his leisure but was told, no, we don't do that anymore. We do it all by phone.

"They wanted my bank details, account number, sort code, everything," says Jayesh, "How do I know this is not a scam?"

When you consider how many of these type of calls are scams, then you have to congratulate Jayesh on his caution.

I rang the company and a spokeswoman said she thought a recruitment drive was taking place. She took Jayesh's contact details to find out if he had been part of that drive and rang back to say that he had been called by PayZone so it was a bona fide call. She also took on board the point that this magazine warns retailers all the time about giving out such details and said that in future, telesales may leave a number so that retailers can check back.

She confirmed that this is now PayZone's favoured method of recruitment.