Mohammed Rafi, who runs Colwyn Avenue Post Office in Wichwen, Swansea, rang to say that he had signed up in March for Point Four's free epos system and media deal, which comes with TV screens and ads which will pay for the maintenance contract.
However, he had been paying £300 a month for their maintenance since installation and so far the screens had not gone live.
Retailers already signed up and paying maintenance will get this money back once the network goes live, promises Paula Boden at Point Four. "They have a five-year written guarantee," she says. "It's not easy getting leasing for independent retailers so yes, they have to pay maintenance in the meanwhile."
And it's presumably not easy getting advertisers sewn up until you have enough retailers on board.
Paula is confident that retailers will get their maintenance money back. She adds that only three ads per screen will cover costs and the capacity is 18 ads per screen with retailers getting 14% of the advertising revenue generated from their store. Her good news is that Booker has recently signed on as an advertiser.