It’s almost always the way. You get a completely new subject to write about (and you think great, makes a change…not PayPoint, not Camelot) and then, hey presto, others come forth shouting Me Too. So, on to, or rather back to, Cadbury’s loyalty scheme. As reported in our 1 July issue, Bharat Patel got in touch over years’ worth of points that he had saved but couldn’t find out how to redeem them. We got him 500 quid back.

This prompted Paresh Patel to get in touch. He said: “I’ve got a similar scenario. I’ve got six or seven booklets full. I took part in the loyalty scheme for around three years…never seen a rep.”

When he did last see one, it was a one-off and she told him that she didn’t think he had kept to the planogram and that things were changing after the takeover by Kraft, then Mondelez. He maintains that he kept to the planogram but without reps’ visits, he didn’t know what the latest planogram was. And he wanted to get back on the scheme if it was available.

I put all this to Mondelez and got the following reply.

“As a company, we welcome feedback from our retailers and wholeheartedly appreciate the support of all our stockists. We strive to provide them with the highest quality service, which ultimately brings joy to our consumers.

“As well as creating products that delight consumers, we provide merchandising support to retailers, based on our extensive market insight, to help them drive sales in their store. This includes a loyalty scheme, in which we ask retailers to display their products following a range of key category principles, in return for loyalty points.

“We have now made contact with Mr. Patel and agreed a resolution with regards to our scheme.

“For readers’ information, our loyalty scheme has never ceased to exist, but it has evolved through the years and it is now known as the Mondelez International Retailer Loyalty scheme.”

Anyone else? They’re quite nice, those Cadbury people.