I don’t like to recommend suppliers for fear of jinxing the arrangement. But I do like it when retailers pass on recommendations… so here’s a Big Ask. Can anyone recommend an epos supplier to an independent who is about to take on a post office? The PO part of the business comes with its own system and we will not dwell on that. But the retail part needs its own separate epos.

The retailer is Sudipe Lekhi, the PO is in the Midlands, the store is 1,500sq ft with a single till and a fairly straightforward convenience mix. No newspapers, though, and he isn’t contemplating joining a group at the moment.

It’s not the first time he has asked me for a recommendation. Last year he was in the market for new refrigeration for his other post office in Smethwick. All I could tell him were the companies I had had complaints about and how those companies had dealt with the situation, because things can and do go wrong and that’s where companies show what they are really made of.

In the end he settled on Jordan’s (never had a complaint about them) and says he is happy with the equipment.

Nobody needs me to tell them that technology moves in the fast lane and that crashes are crippling, so maintenance and good back-up are crucial in the epos field. I did suggest that he asks around at the two cash and carries he uses.

He has until August to make his mind up so there is feedback time. I’d like to hear about your good experiences and, of course, the bad ones.