Swedish cider and beer producer Kopparberg has launched the world’s first frozen cider into the UK off-trade.

Kopparberg Frozen Fruit Cider, which will be available in Strawberry & Lime and Elderflower & Lime variants, taps into the rising trend for frozen beverages while also creating a new sub-sector for the cider market.

“Flavours are driving growth in the UK cider market but research shows that consumers are getting tired of the flavour conveyor belt – they want real innovation,” said Neil Robinson, head of off-trade sales.

The 4% ABV drink, which is packaged in a 250ml metallic pouch, should be frozen for eight hours and then squeezed into a glass.

In creation was inspired by an April Fool’s prank (a fake story about a Kopparberg ice-lolly), which was shared with the Kopparberg online community a year ago.

Jodie Alliss, brand manager, said: “The demand for the frozen variation of Kopparberg was outstanding so we are thrilled to be able to launch the new product for summer 2015.”

A £5m investment has been pledged for 2015 for the whole brand, a portion of which will be dedicated to the frozen variant.

Meanwhile, the company has also brought over two products from its portfolio of Swedish beers. The 4.8% ABV canned Fagerhult, which was launched in March, has been joined by the premium bottled 5.3% ABV Hoga Kusten, produced at the Zeunerts Brewery. The beer is one third ale blended with two thirds lager.